Ultracom R10 Hybrid

World’s first dog tracking device with both mobile network- and VHF -tracking in the same collar.

Mobile data & VHF

Ultracom R10 Hybrid includes pre-installed, roaming Ultracom Global SIM -card, powered by Telia, and it works on any operators mobile network. If no mobile network is available, the device will use VHF -connection.


Ultracom R10 Hybrid - ready-to-use

Ultracom R10 Hybrid is delivered as a ready-to-use package, including a dog collar, VHF -receiver, 2 pcs rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion batteries, a battery charger, Ultracom Global SIM- card for 12 months and Ultracom -application subscription for 12 months

Long battery life

Battery life of the VHF -receiver is approx. 48 hours, collar part approx. 40 h. By using collar’s advanced power saving features and less frequent tracking interval, battery life can be extended up to one week.

Share the Adventure

Experience and Share your Adventure in a new way with Ultracom NEXT application. Application includes Global Topo and Satellite maps from all over the world.

Stay on map

Unlimited range and near real-time three-second tracking.



R10 Hybrid has patented Dura-Armorcasing. The collar is robust and withstands exposure to water of up to 0.5 meter for up to 30 minutes. Device is manufactured in Finland and has a 2-year warranty.




Thanks to the Bark Sensemicrofone technology, device counts the dog’s bark accurately and reliably. You can also call to the collar and listen to the dog bark in real time. Bark Sensemicrophone settings are possible to adjust remotely from the Ultracom application to fit perfectly on your dog.

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