Ultracom NEXT is a completely new app for tracking your dog.


Completely new Ultracom NEXT application to track and monitor your dog.

ULTRACOM NEXT -application is designed to track your Ultracom dog tracking device, but it is actually perfect for any outdoor exploring. Application is easy to use and intuitive with versatile functions.

Ultracom NEXT is completely new application to follow Ultracom Dog Tracking devices and other members in the hunting group.

Get the realtime data from your dog such as barking amount, speed, route and activity and keep your dog safe being always aware what your dog is doing. 

With versatile and easy-to-use features application can be used for all outdoor activities. 

State-of-the-art map engine with advanced map functions. Global, high-quality OpenTopo maps, in Finland maps provided by Maanmittauslaitos, in Sweden by Lantmäteriet, fast map download, automatic country change, tap change to satellite view.

Switch the object to be tracked by tapping the object on the map or via the menu, zoom fast with one-hand, a floating map option included. You can also use the app on multiple devices with the same license (not at the same time)

Versatile and easy-to-use tools for map markings. Easily drop pins, draw and measure distances and areas, create map collections, add external map materials and share them with your friends and your group.

Easily create new groups, invite your friends to join the group with an invitation link, add your dog to your friends’ group, share map markers with the group.

Rewind and replay day’s activity smoothly to relive and share your adventure.

Dog Data™ feature includes completely new, advanced and patented functions to analyze your dog’s daily working and activity data to support a safe and healthy dog hobby. Dog Data™ consists of a dog profile information, dog working information and dog activity information. 

You can view your dog’s daily workload, strain level and calorie burn, view and assess your dog’s working performance such as searchrounds, chasing and game work. You can select two points in the working route and assess information between the points, such as the length and extent of the searchround, barking information and speed. You can easily share these directly from the NEXT App.

Please note: Using Dog Data™ requires an Ultracom R10, R10 Hybrid or Avius dog tracking device.

Does the beta version have all the final functionalities?
No. More functions will be added to the application with updates as the beta testing progresses. You can send feedback to our application developers to beta@ultracom.fi. Please note also that existing functions may be changed or even removed during beta testing.

Will the new app replace the current Ultracom application?
No it will not. Both applications run in parallel and you can use both applications with the same license. You don’t have to buy separate subscriptions, but you can use both apps with the same subscription.

What are the mobile device requirements for the application?
Application works on mobile devices with following operating system versions: Apple iOS 11 and later, for Android: 8.0 and later. Huawei App Gallery is not supported, so the application cannot be downloaded to the latest Huawei devices that do not support the Play Store.

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12 months

Ultracom NEXT
  • Manage your Ultracom devices
  • Open TOPO and Satellite Maps
  • Dog Data™

1 month

Ultracom NEXT
  • Same features as with 12 mon license
  • To a family member, hunting buddy or exploring outdoors
  • Open TOPO and Satellite Maps*


Ultracom NEXT
  • 3pcs x 12month subscriptions
  • Suitable for families with many users
  • Share The Adventure!


Ultracom NEXT
600 Starting from
  • 10pcs x 12month subscriptions or...
  • 20pcs x 12month subscriptions
  • Suitable for hunting groups
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