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From the northern part of Finland Ultracom Oy has under several years conducted long term and innovative development work related to wireless data transmission.

The company develops, produces and markets radio technical units, solutions and applications for its customers different requests and needs. Because of this work, Ultracom users have been the first on the market to take part of these products and experiences. Ultracom Oy was first established in 1993 to answer the industry need of wireless data transmissions. The knowledge related to wireless data transfer soon moved over to the consumer market when Ultracom 1996 launched its first tracking device for hunting dogs.

The tracking devices that utilized wireless data transmission almost instantly reached enormous popularity. This commercial success staked the path for the company’s future. Ultracom’s countless innovations and use of new technology resulted in the localization units for hunting dogs that we see today.

Today the company develops a range of different products for localization of animals and in its portfolio, besides the dog tracking devices there is positioning solutions for cattle. Ultracom Oy markets and sells its own products in Europe.

Even if our products are used for a range of different needs there is one thing that unites them: Ultracom Oy, the expert on wireless data transmission.

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