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The Ultracom Group consists of two companies, Ultracom-Group Oy and Ultracom Oy, which are both privately owned Finnish companies.

ULTRACOM OY is a developer and supplier of locating solutions for dogs and free grazing animals in northern Finland. Ultracom has made innovative, long term work in wireless data transmission since 1993. Ultracom Oy was founded for demand of wireless data transmission. Wireless tracking devices became very popular within consumers and the first dog tracking device based on GPS technology was launched in 2005.

Today Ultracom Oy developing, manufactures and sells mobile and VHF-based tracking devices for animal location. In addition to dog tracking devices, their product range also includes free-grazing livestock tracking devices with an application. Ultracom Oy markets and sells its products in Europe, the company has an extensive retailer network in Finland and Sweden and also an online store for consumer customers. Ultracom Oy is a pioneer in its field, it has several registered patents and trademarks and can thus always offer its customers the latest innovations and solutions.

ULTRACOM GROUP OY is founded in 1994. The company specializes in wireless data transmission and has an extensive experience in developing of demanding information systems and technical platforms. The company’s focus has been in delivering latest innovations and technologies and building application platforms for further commercialization, in which the company has strong evidence.

The head office, product development and manufacturing of Ultracom Group are located in Kempele. Group’s net sales in 2020 will be approximately EUR 4.9 million. Ultracom Group employes directly about 20 top experts of the field.

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